Monday, November 26, 2012

Settle down, it will all be clear.

I definitely had thoughts of jumping on the bandwagon of the "x amount of days of giving thanks" that was all the rage on the Book of Faces this month. Rest assured, I'm thankful for all the normal things: health, happiness, family, friends, education, etc. etc. I think each day in my head I give thanks to at least one of these things and maybe I should have maid them public.

Consider this one big "x amount of days of giving thanks" blog entry. And yes, to my tens of readers, I'm baaack.

This year, I took the opportunity to do an extended Thanksgiving vacation back in the Midwest. I had the days to take and it has been a rough semester. So I figured "why not?" The extended vacation, combined with rolling straight to the AFA Annual Meeting equals two suitcases and 15 days away from Richmond.

I am happy to report that I proved the phrase "you can't go home again" wrong. From the minute I arrived in the Midwest last Saturday, I was home. (Down to my parents not getting to the right pick up lane at the airport. I was happy for the consistency!) Being home for an extended time allowed me to travel and see people on my own schedule, inlcuding trips to Mid-Missouri (my home for nearly eight years) and seeing family friends who I haven't visited with in many moons. So, in giving "thanks" -

...thanks to my Mom and Dad - from letting me steal their vehicles when I needed one, to not really letting me open my wallet while I was here, you're the best. Love you!

...thanks to William Woods University - I love visiting my first job and seeing my former coworkers. I truly view William Woods as the place that made me the professional, and the adult, I am today. I definitely matured while I was there. Thanks for taking a chance on a 22 year old fresh out of college! (And special thanks to the friends who allowed me to stroll down memory lane while visiting Mizzou in the same trip!)

...thanks to my friends (college and high school!) for making this trip memorable. I enjoyed visiting with everyone. Of course, I did not get to spend as much time as I would have liked with everyone, but it was good to see. Please know the welcome mat is always out in Richmond.

...thanks to our family friends. The phrase "you can pick your friends and not your family" certainly rang true on this trip. Thanks for taking care of Mom and Dad since I'm in Richmond and thanks for opening your homes and hearts to me when I'm home. You truly make every visit home special. And it is probably about start time we just call you "family" instead of "family friends."

I can honestly say I do not question my decision to live halfway across the country from where I grew up. Because of the love and support of my parents, family and friends (and airplanes - gotta love them!) it makes keeping in touch easy. I think I value my relationships with people in the Midwest more because I see you less. The time we get to spend together is that much better because it does not happen very often.

I feel truly blessed from this Thanksgiving visit and will take this warm fuzzy feeling with me into the Christmas season. I feel almost back to center (normal) after this vacation - and I am bound and determined to bring this feeling to my "new" (2.5 years later, not so new anymore really) home when I return in about a week.

So, tens of readers, I hope you take a few minutes to remember what you are thankful for!

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