Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'll carry you home tonight.

As I get older, I continually realize how blessed I am to have the people I that I have in my life. I know that I always have my family standing behind me and cheering me on 100%. I know I can turn to them for anything I need. But I also know that I have another group of people behind me 100% - my friends.

From Sunday - Thursday of this past week, I had the pleasure of entertaining two of my best friends from high school in Richmond (we definitely missed you Annie!) For reasons still unbeknownst to all of us, Matt, Julie and Annie decided to adopt me freshman year of high school and we have all been friends ever since.

Our friendships have survived them going off to college, then me going off to college, family deaths, weddings, births and my move halfway across the country. Some times we do better than others on staying in touch and keeping each other updated, but I know we are always not far from each others' thoughts. It was awesome being able to show them my life in Richmond... my friends, where I work and the general sights that make Richmond pretty spectacular. And hats off to my Richmond friends for welcoming them with open arms - good people are drawn to good people.

During Matt and Julie's stay and afterwards, I really found myself thinking about all the different friendships I have made and just how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I do. I realize that I am surrounded by some really awesome people.

It is also interesting how friendships grow and change. I have friends in my life that if I don't hear from them on a somewhat regular basis, I'm ready to send out a search party. Then there are other friends that I can go months (if not years) and one text message later, we are getting together like no time has passed at all. Moments like those make me realize how truly blessed I am to have these people in my life.

I distinctly remember at the beginning of our senior year of college, my friend Jill and I discussing how we were pretty much done making friends - we had met some pretty awesome people while at Mizzou and were ready to take senior year by storm. I think I need to count my lucky stars that this statement was far from true... because even senior year, I met friends that are still apart of my life today. Combined with friends I met after graduation, in my profession or as I settled in Richmond, I'm really glad that statement was not true.

Obviously, you are never finished making friends. New friendships will develop when you least expect it, and still when you least expect it, those friendships may become your most valued. As I continue to make friends and figure out what roles they play, I am working on not putting friends in nice little boxes. We may have become friends for one reason, but that reason does not have to be the only reason we are friends.

I know each friend I have in life is to play a certain role... but that does not have to be their only role. I love knowing that I have my wine drinking friends, my going out friends and the friend who I know can solve all of my problems. But they can serve other roles as well - just something I am learning as I go.

So friends, rest assured - I'll carry you home tonight.